IALD Education Trust

Employer: International Association of Lighting Designers (IALD) Education Trust
Service: Writing, Graphic Design, Content Strategy
Project Type: Script, Video
Year: 2013

I produced this video as a marketing & communications specialist at the IALD Education Trust. The IALD Education Trust is charitable, educational organization that provides direct support to educators and students to promote the study of architectural lighting design.

The Trust wanted to grow fundraising by better demonstrating the impact of donations. Until 2013, the Trust focused on disseminating written testimonials from beneficiaries. They appeared on the website, in e-newsletters and print materials. To enhance this strategy, I pitched the idea of a testimonial video. It would amplify the experiences of beneficiaries by capturing the faces, voices and emotion behind the testimonials.

I managed all aspects of video production:

  • Identifying the participants
  • Coaching the participants on video interviews
  • Writing the interview questions
  • Writing the video script
  • Editing the video

The video premiered at the 2013 IALD Education Trust Benefit Dinner. It was a sold-out event attended by hundreds of architectural lighting design professionals, educators and students. Thanks, in part, to the video, the Trust collected a record-breaking amount of donations during the benefit. The Trust also shared the video through its e-newsletter, website and social channels.