15 Free Fitness Classes in Chicago: June 2019

Free Fitness Classes in Chicago

Apparently June 21 is the first official day of summer. That’s interesting. I’m usually near tears by then, feeling like the season is half over. In my bubble, summertime in Chicago starts Memorial Day weekend. The heat, sunshine, and humidity bring bittersweet tears. (Shedding lots of tears here today.) On the one hand, my hot-blooded and translucent bod cannot take summer weather. But, on a more uplifting note, summer comes with the great outdoors. I exercise in the living room most of the year, normally during my cat’s nap to avoid her unruly behavior. So, I look forward to taking workouts outside. Enter this list of free fitness classes in Chicago. Every month this summer I’ll be rounding up no-cost workouts across the city.

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