May Favorites for Your Kitchen, Bar & Garden

I’m launching a monthly series of good ideas with my May favorites. Usher in warmer weather with a farmers market frill, a cocktail that jiggles, plus an app for green thumbs.

Reusable Produce Bags

My farmers market is now plastic-free. And I’m not gonna let my peaches run wild in a tote. So, I bought a set of 12 reusable produce bags from Amazon ($14.97). They are mesh and machine washable. I’ve also been using them at the grocery store instead of plastic produce bags. Here’s a breakdown of the sizes and what I think fits best in each.

  • 3 large (17×12) for potatoes, lettuce and peppers
  • 6 medium (14×12) for zucchini, apple and carrots
  • 3 small (8×12) for berries, peaches and small herb bundles

Aperol Spritz Gelatin Shots

You know how you definitely discovered that song before everyone else? That’s how I feel about the Aperol Spritz. I was sipping these babies back in April 2018, which I’m just sure was before the Italian cocktail made it big in America. ANYWHO, my friend Jen introduced me to this recipe for Clementine Aperol Spritz Jell-O Shots.

They are light and pretty easy to make with just six ingredients. I recommend using the Costco brand clementines and Prosecco. My husband and I served them at our annual crawfish boil.

Plant Identifier App

Last up in my May favorites is a nifty app.

We planted our pots in May, and yours truly threw out the tag that identifies each plant. Smooth move, dude! Without the tags, I didn’t know how to care for the dying buds. So, I searched the App Store for a Shazam-like app for plants…


PlantSnap is a free app that identifies plants based on a mobile photo. It also offers a searchable database of plants and nearby gardens. The app helped me re-learn about all the blossoms, and now I can properly care for them.

Thought of the Month

I find that everyone “looks” familiar when I remember they have a story. Our stories are different. But it’s comforting to know they are connected by the same prevailing emotions. We have fears. We’ve suffered grief. And most importantly, I believe everyone has something to be grateful for.

What bright ideas are in your May favorites? Share them in the comments below.

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